How Do I Create Success with Clients?

My skill is to drill down to simple leadership solutions that suit the client's situation quickly and find solutions that fit within the his or her values. This makes it easy for the leader to gain insights and embrace the behavior change immediately without a sense of stress or overwhelm trying to apply theoretical approaches.

"Lyn brings a unique and invaluable perspective to each coaching assignment, having worked with high performers within our company for more than a decade.  Many of these high performers have gone on to positions of significant responsibility, which validates the company's investment in the individual and Lyn's successful approach to coaching."  -MK. VP Fortune 500 Company

Accomplish Top Positions Through Developing Others

My clients learn how to develop what really matters to leaders - their teams. The leaders with whom I work achieve a strong sense of self-awareness and ability to develop others by their own clarity and focus. They learn situational leadership tools that help them respond to challenges like conflict and constant fire drills. Working with me gives leaders the insight to know how to improve morale, motivate their teams and promote efficiency without having to exert authority. They learn to become inspirational leaders with passionate partners in success.

Leaders who work with me understand why their personal success formulae don’t always translate into their teams' success. They learn when to foster learning and when to be directive. My clients learn that crisis management is not leadership; it is about leading with intention.

They move from feeling like imposters on senior leadership teams, to being part of executive leadership without changing their core values.